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Does anyone have a blank amp patch made I could borrow?

I have been using the GNX4 to sequence FX, like flanger, stompbox etc etc , through using CC events in a midi file for various songs in alive setting.
Right now I have various amp presets as well for each song, however I would like to try and load a blank (or very low setting) amp and use my Mesa Boogey and it's clean tube sound of all the AMP drive.

I really haven't gotten into using Xedit or making patches or using any of the Supermodels I have on CD so have no idea how to do that, so far just using the factory presets, but I do want to load a BLANK amp with little or no drive to it into my song files so that I can use my MEsa instead on stage.

also it would be helpful to know how to get it (or any other patch) into the GNX4 and set it up for a song.
(I am familiar with how to program an amp (1-99) to trigger at the begining of the song, and change during the song with the CC# in the midi file....just don't know how to get new ones into the CF card.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:


  • jeremysdemojeremysdemo Posts: 169

    sorry I never responded, forgot about this quest johnny.

    I have since load many of the supermodels into my unit, so I at least have the idea of how to load these now, however, I have a secondary unit as a back up, I think I can now use it to trigger FX for the lead player (who goes through a MEsa,) so it will certainly be useful to not have any AMP sims involved in his chain.

    THANX's again!

    keep shinin

    jerm 8)
  • is this patch and direct setting the same or this patch works better than direct flat amp and cab setting?
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