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I need A7X (Synyster Gates) Patch!

I really need A7X patch for a concert that i have soon.
It would be great if you guys can upload Unholy Confessions and Beast and the Harlot patch!

(I want Syn's sound, not Zacky's!) lolz thx


  • Yeh I'd thank the person who would be able to make a Avenged Sevenfold gnx4 patch for the song M.I.A (the solo part) many times if they'd be able to do it.
  • sadiesadie Posts: 1
    yes, this may seem impractical to some but allowing these additions for CF users would be great. I have sets laid out for multiple venues I play and each contain the parameter adjustments for the patches at each venue. This is cool since I don't have much tweaking at subsequent shows. It does require multiples of CF cards though. I have an album of these for 15 venues. \"ADD a Bank\" feature would be a nice option.

    One thing we have to remember here guys is that these requests can seem reasonable, but the cost factors vs user practicality can get insane. There are owners that don't know what a warp is, let alone an LFO. My suggestion for this and all these \"full function\" capabilities is to come out with a Digietch GNX EXTREME!! ( sorry for that overkilled marketing name). This way you can market a product for musicians that require all of the features, yet are willing to pay for them. You could even do a rack mount version with a midi controller foot pedal. this way a person can isolate functionality on stage and assign whatever they want. I had no problem buying the JM150, J12, J212 when it came out. Others opted for a lesser design. Not all musicians can afford an Eventide either, but some can and use them.
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