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GNX4 Doesn't sound good

Hey there everyone. I was just looking for some solutions to make the GNX4 tones sound better or if I need to get this thing sent to DIGITECH for repair. The distortions especially sound absolutely terrible. The only way to get those sounds to sound at least tolerable is wet it up but I want them to sound good dry as well.

You can hear every pick attack (not in a good way if you know what I mean. The distortions are especially digital and crispy sounding for lack of a better description. The Cleans don't sound all that great either.

Patches that I have tried that sound terrible:

Eric Johnson
Pat Jazz
Brit Stack
SteveRAY... Pretty much all the patches.... Sound terrible even when I tweak them a bit. Crispy distortions.

So am I tweaking wrong or does this thing need to be sent off for repair?

Anything helps. Thanks.

Edit: And yes I do have speaker compensation on since I use headphones.


  • Mr_ScaryMr_Scary Posts: 39
    Some of the presets work well on different setups.
    I find most of them sound good plugged into the Insert of my half stack, or with headphones.

    Your guitar pickups can make an impact, I use DiMarzio D Activators, EMG 81/60, and DiMarzio Super 3 / H3 and the factory presets sound subpar..

    It maybe the response of the headphones, maybe a better pair.

    I have SPKR. Comp [ON] for Headphone/XLR direct to mixer, HDD recording, and turned [OFF] for running the 1/4\" Left Mono into my amps insert.

    Use the volume control on the GNX to control overall level to your amp.
    it usually sounds horrible if plugged into an amps [INPUT] if this is the only way, use the CD input if equiped, other wise use a clean channel with flat EQ.

    Also if you any EQ after the unit, you may need to flaten it.

    Try one my presets if you have it hooked up to a PC and use Xedit.
    I'll upload it in a few minutes and edit this post

    Rectify 1 http://www.digitech.com/soundcomm/guitar_view_patch.asp?productid=215&patch_id=15646
    I used the factory preset Rectify and tuned it up for my headphones, I use Sony MDR-V600, try the modualtion, and delay as well..

    Rectify 2 http://www.digitech.com/soundcomm/guitar_view_patch.asp?productid=215&patch_id=15647
    This is a softer patch then the previuos, I have the EQ flat, and the Presence pulled back. should sound good on a set of headphones or PC recording.

    let me know how they sound, and what headphones you are using..

    EDIT: I just realized I posted them in the GNX3000 library, I guess I switched back and didnt know it. however they are GNX4 patches, maybe someone can move them. Or I can can later.
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