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Preset Dump - no sound

I've done this many times before without issue, as of today, when attempting a preset dump, the preset moves to the other gnx4 but there is NO output, any help.


  • Have you checked the volume/output levels on the preset?
  • shreddshredd Posts: 5,649
    Have you checked the volume/output levels on the preset?
    What he sed. I've had many episodes where I d/l'd perfectly good patches onto my GNX, then found the Preset Volume had somehow been set to 0.
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  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    Check to make sure your tuner works, and that the drum machine makes sound. If both are true, something is wrong with the preset or the output setting. Check with headphones to make sure it's not the output system.

    If it's the preset, could be a number of things, these come to mind: preset level, post/pre volume (check with expression pedal assignment), stompbox level, amp level.

    Sometimes simply rebooting the device works for me - I've had a few times with my GNX4 when the preset just doesn't make sound, until I power it off and back on.

    If all else fails, try the restore procedure one more time.
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