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GNX3000 VS RP355

Hi all,

I am planning to buy an used effect unit that is not too complicated to program and I would like to know the main differences (regarding usability, sound is just so personnal...) between those two fine multieffects.

I am not much of a tweeker guy, in fact I am planning to download many of already presets from the community...and I have no previous experience with this multieffects thing, so SIMPLICITY is very important issue. I also dont have an amp, I go out through PA, so Modeling is very important, but again i dont need to be choosing between 32 different cab models and mics!.

What I know is that RP355 is newer technology (AUDIO DNA2) and also has a better drum machine and looper, so it just feels logical to go this way. It also (seems) simpler and easier to work with, but... is it too simpler than GNX3000? What things I would not have that are inside the GNX3000?


  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    If you're looking primarily for simplicity, RP355 is probably the way to go - it's just up or down to move between preset. There's a knob for effect level, and that's about it. There are pre-programmed combinations of effects built in.

    I prefer GNX3000 because you can use the pedal board to turn individual effects (stompbox, modulation, delay). You can also have two amp \"channels\" per preset, such as clean/distort for example. If I remember correctly, you can also assign almost any effect parameter to the expression pedal - I think RP355 is fixed to volume, but I could be wrong. This makes it more versatile for live programming, but obviously also more complex.

    Another advantage of the GNX is you can take any two amps and warp them together to create a new, custom amp model. This is a serious advantage, but requires a lot of practice and experimentation.

    For recording, GNX has two stereo record channels (to record a microphone, keyboard, etc) whereas with RP you can only record the guitar.

    Other than that, the functionality is pretty similar. You can make most of the modifications on the RP than you can on GNX, it's just more difficult to do in real-time, at least to my taste. Because GNX has a lot more programmability, it also has a steeper learning curve and can be more confusing. RP lets you use pre-programmed combinations of amp/stompbox and effects to easily modify sounds; there's no such option for GNX.

    *** EDIT: *** I voted for RP355, because you want simplicity and ease of sound selection. It's not a one-size-fits-all recommendation. I'm not sure about the drum machine (GNX supports MIDI drums whereas RP355 does not, so GNX gets my vote), and I don't believe GNX3000 has any kind of looper aside from the learn-a-lick.
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