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Hope you're still available, need help with the CF card reader seems to stop working anymore.

Been using the CF card frequently and have stored presets, mp3 files, recorded files, etc., but suddenly the GNX4 doesn't recognize the card -consequently, have no access to the stored data. The CARD led on the preset bank doesn't lit and when I connect the GNX4 vía USB, the computer tells me to insert a disk.

The CF card's ok, have inserted directly in the computer and all my data is there, the problem is the GNX doesn't recognize it. Am I passing any step I didn't know before?


  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    Try a can of compressed air or use a small compressor to clean out any debris. It's also possible the connectors from the reader to the main pcb may have intermittent contacts.
  • OdeoOdeo Posts: 5
    Thanks for answering. Just did the compressed air thing and nothing, guess remedy is not in my hands anymore, got to take it to the service. Glad to hear any more ideas,
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    Only other option is a factory reset. On a few occasions users have taken the unit apart and cleaned the dust and debris out. Using a compressor on about 40-50 psi. Also you can check the ribbon cable connections which have caused earlier production units to lock up. Kind of a rare problem though. Other than that, see what customer support suggests for you.
  • shreddshredd Posts: 5,649
    Bent pins?
  • OdeoOdeo Posts: 5
    No, no bent pins. Did the factory reset and problem is still present, don't know what else to do, guess I'll have to get help at customer support. Thanks.
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