Which amp is standard for rp360 xp amp mode output in order to keep precise tone models?

Hi all!
RP360 xp has several internal good amps and cabinet models, which mimics the tones of real amps when connected to reference speakers in mixer output mode. I use a lot of them and as an amateur guitarist I'm satisfied with the huge set of possibilities that this device offer.
Okay, but in the real world, almost all the time my rp360 xp is connected to different real guitar amplifier models, and certainly there are a huge difference in tonal response between them. Of course, the original tones i stored in my rp360 xp will vary as function of the real amp I connect to it, even if I put its output in amp mode. This variation is not convenient for me at all.
Well, I suppose Digitech's must had designed his "amp mode" taking some real guitar amp as "standard", and somehow "compensate" its response inside the rp360, so the models i used in my patches could be heard as they are when connected to reference speakers and mixer output mode.
So, my question is...
Which REAL amp brands and/or models has a standard tone response for rp360xp amp mode output in order to keep precise tone response of all gear models inside rp360? And how do I have to set its control knobs to achieve this standard response?


  • The Amp mode vs Mixer is an EQ voicing. When going directly into a mixer or front of house, the Mixer setting allows it to sound more like a guitar amp/speaker cabinet. When in Amp Mode you are relying more on a natural guitar amplifier sound and the EQ voicing is not applied.

    The effects and amp models of course will affect the sound you are hearing via a guitar amplifier

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