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Jammanager crashes on MacOS Catalina

Hi all, I'm having a problem where Jammanager XT crashes on MacOS Catalina when opening. I'm not able to use the fix that others noted where you open the settings to disable 'check for firmware'. It crashes whenever I start the software, whether the JamMan Solo is plugged into the computer or not, so there is no way to access the settings.

Has anyone had success with opening the settings panel, or is the program crashing for you like it is for me?

I did have it working for a while, but it stopped working today for some reason. Possibly due to an update with Catalina? I'm using Jammanager 2.3.5.

The error I get when crashing is: "JamManagerXT quit unexpectedly while using the QtCore plug-in."

Any ideas?

Also - is there ANY way to read the loops from my JamMan Solo without using the software? I would MUCH rather just mount the pedal like an external disk, but my Mac does not 'see' it when it is plugged in.



  • For Mojave/Catalina users:

    We have no version, beta or otherwise that will work with Mojave or Catalina unfortunately. The only way to read loops without using the software is to utilize the external/expandable memory and plug that into the Mac with a card reader and manually transfer loops that way.__

    We do have a beta version 2.3.7 that will work up to and including High Sierra 10.13. You can email [email protected] to request this.

    The JamMan Series has been slated for End of Product Life. No software/firmware updates will likely to be forthcoming. We are trying to get the Mac version up to compatibility with Mojave/Catalina but there are no guarantees. Right now the beta version is all that will work for Mac, so you may need to dual boot your Mac OS with High Sierra if you have updated to Catalina.

    You can insert an expandable memory card to the JamMan and transfer the loops manually with a Card Reader to your Mac if you cannot use a different computer with Mac OS High Sierra.

    The JamManager XT 2.3.5 is working fine on the latest Windows 10 1909 build. That is another work around.

  • I'm really sorry to hear that. Looks like this looper will be obsolete soon - a real shame. I hope you are able to get a fix for Mac.

  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 480
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    @bowtree00 said:
    I'm really sorry to hear that. Looks like this looper will be obsolete soon - a real shame. I hope you are able to get a fix for Mac.

    Having JamManager XT work with Catalina would be great I agree. We are stressing that, still we are looking forward to newer products that will have full compatibility. For now you can use the workaround of manually transferring files to the JamMan loopers via expandable memory (which I recommend using over internal memory in any case). Expandable memory gets you 16 hours of playback, the internal memory has 35 minutes. SD Card media is very affordable as well.

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