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Vocalist 3 live

I have had vocalist 3 live for 5 years and gig with it regularly without problem. I play acoustic guitar through with vocals and then send to roland ac60 amp. However whilst the guitar signal ( both if combined or using guitar throughput) works fine I have lost all volume from the vocals. I have isolated all parts in chain,ie mic,leads and amp and all work fine. It is when I route through vocalist 3 that i loose all volume for vocals. I can hear a very quite noise which suggests there is some throughput but nothing like it should be or is without routing through vocalist. Output from unit is turned up and I have tried factory reset but neither change lack of volume. Anybody got any ideas. Thank you


  • Where is the signal strength LED lit for the Vocal and the guitar? They should both be green and not amber or red. Also check the guitar sensitivity setting, maybe change it to Lo. Also check the gain for the mic on the back of the unit.

  • jcw357jcw357 Posts: 2

    Thank you. Been away so reason for delay. The led light for guitar green and if I sing very loudly the mic light comes on but still volume through to pa very poor. The output volume on back of unit is turned way up far higher than I would normally need it but makes no difference. Done factory reset so guitar level is lo. Still no vocal volume.

  • If you have made those considerations and can confirm you are powering the device with the PS0913B-120 adapter, then the device may have other internal hardware component failures. Unfortunately due to the age of the device and it being discontinued some time ago our factory service center no longer repairs these in or out of warranty. You can see if there is a local authorized service center that can look at the device for you at the following link:

    (bear in mind authorized service centers are autonomous from our organization and may not follow our warranty terms or service fees)

    This is for US Domestic customers. Outside of the US you will need to contact the distributor for your region

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