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Recording Digitech RP360XP in Logic Pro X

Please advice, how to connect it correct in Logic, probably as +audio right? How can I control enter volume level (decrease), what settings should be made on device and how to use headphones? Do I need to leave speakers connected to device or they have to be connected to my Imac?

Sorry for stupid questions, but I am very novice at all this stuff...


  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 610

    You can connect your speakers to the RP360XP if you are using it as an USB interface. You can use headphones as well simply by plugging them in. The master volume of the RP360XP will control the volume level of it coming into the DAW.

    As far as how to setup Logic, I am not familiar with that DAW but there is probably a setting within to use the RP360XP as the sound device, perhaps in some of the preferences. You may need to contact the support team for Logic to ask them where to setup devices

  • acubaacuba Posts: 11

    Thank you! Found out, its all about usb signal db settings in processor menu.

  • emckemck Posts: 4

    I have X edit 2.7.1 installed in my macbook with osx el capitan. Software works fine when connecting my BP 355. (Firmw 1.1) I have just bought a used RP 355 (firmw 1.4)
    and connecting whith the same usb cable a message like “no valid device found. check usb connection and try again” appears. However, the audio connection works fine and the rp355 is properly identified by the daw. Could someone help me so as to be able to manage patches with the computer on the rp?

  • emckemck Posts: 4

    Solved. I find out that it is necessary to run 2 different x edit versions in order to successfully work with two (almost the same) pedals (355 for bass and 355 for guitar)

  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 610

    @acuba said:
    Thank you! Found out, its all about usb signal db settings in processor menu.

    Excellent! Thanks for the follow up

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