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replace of the phototransistor mrd701-h from the expresion pedal of RP12

hi!! im looking for someone to tell me , exactly what component can replace the phototransistor mrd701-h from the expresion pedal of RP12, i buy one rp12 and the expresion pedal has been cuted away from some crazy before the pedal board came to my hands, im triyin to rebuild these part , i have all the electronic components , just i cant find the same photo transistor, would you help me please, thanks so much!


  • junk_mcnuggetsjunk_mcnuggets Posts: 2
    edited October 3

    ive never seen one like that one anywhere else myself either. ive never looked into the part for the datasheet since i hadnt known the actual number. wondering if i could find a decent enough replacement using just the LDRs i have on hand already. i think theyre like GL55-somethings. definitely not the same part but maybe they are the same enough in principal. might be enough room in the enclosure to make the swap of the circuits even. ill have to check out the old part's specs...

    edit: i wasnt thinking. those were just LDRs, i should look into the similarities or differences in the original part and the optos i have as well. i.e. PC817, etc. i dont know a lot about any of this so i might be totally wrong about it but if i can get this thing back to working again id be happy as shit

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