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New Rp360xp owner

So I’ve bought a rp360xp unit.
For some reason the expression pedal wigs out occasionally. I’m using it in stompbox mode. For instance I had a whammy setting in a preset, selected it and then delay after and the expression pedal went totally whack and stopped operating from natural tone to 2 octaves up as it should. I turned the whammy off and the wah was engaged?! I didnt even have wah in that preset!! Weird. Usually if I restart it, fixes the problem.
And I’ve recalibrated the expression pedal. Firmware up to date
Ang ideas?!


  • othommoothommo Posts: 7
    I worked it out I think. Pretty sure it’s the wah in the chain getting turned on with the v switch and it wigs out and messes with the whammy expression. HOW DO I DELETE PEDALS IN NEXUS CAUSE I CAN’T SEEM TO. WTF.

    Using El Capitan (yeah whatever, it’s a 2010 Mac) and it doesn’t even have the extensive library of pedals present when I do have an empty bank. Any help greatly appreciated
  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,100

    I think we got this resolved in another thread for you, sorry for the delay

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