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Anyone else hear a bell like sound when dropping the signal 1 semitone? Brand new.

Bought Whammy DT brand new today. I put it in my pedal chain(front of amp) and noticed a bell like sound when I use the drop function to drop 1 semitone. Removed it from pedal board and used it by itself with same result. It's almost like a chiming sound. ESP LTD Arrow 1000 Violet Andromeda with active EMGs, running into a Randall RG 1503 212. I even pulled my rack fx from the fx loop and it's still making that slight chiming sound. Any ideas??


  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,102

    Never have heard of a chiming sound no, try the calibration procedure to see if it goes away?

    1. Disconnect the power from the Whammy pedal.

    2. Press and hold the WHAMMY Effect Footswitch while reconnecting the power. This enables
      MIDI and Calibration Setup. One of the WHAMMY Effect LEDs will begin to flash, indicating the currently selected MIDI channel.

    3. Rock the Expression Pedal fully forward (toe down) and then press the DROP TUNE Footswitch. When you press the footswitch, the DROP TUNE Effect Status LED will first light red and then change to green, indicating Expression Pedal calibration is now enabled. If the DROP TUNE Effect Status LED stays red, make sure the Expression Pedal is rocked fully forward and press the DROP TUNE Footswitch until the LED lights green.

    4. Rock the Expression Pedal fully back (toe up) and fully forward (toe down) at least two times. The SHIFT UP LEDs will light back and forth (from 1 to OCT + DRY) as the pedal is rocked, indicating the pedal is calibrating.

    5. When finished, press the WHAMMY Effect Footswitch again to exit the MIDI and Calibration set up and return to normal operation

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