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RP360 Looper will not arm

My 360 looper will not arm. with foot switch 1 and 3 only clear and leave in ready state. 2 does nothing. without footswitch pressing 2and 3 does nothing. Any help is appreciated.


  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,151

    From the manual, here is how to operate the Looper:

    To use the Looper:
    1. The Phrase Sampler option in the System Settings menu must be set to LOOPER (this is the
    default setting from the factory). See Phrase Sampler on page 51 for information on
    changing this setting.
    2. If the RP is set to Preset Mode (this is the default Footswitch Mode) you can skip this step.
    If the RP is set to Bank Mode or Stomp Mode, you will need to press FOOTSWITCHES 2
    and 3 simultaneously to access the Looper. See Footswitch Modes on page 41 for more
    information on Footswitch Modes.
    3. Press FOOTSWITCH 3 to arm the Looper for recording. The LCD display will read
    “RECORDING ARMED” and the RP is now ready to begin recording.
    4. Begin playing a phrase on the guitar. The Looper will begin recording and the LCD display will
    read “RECORDING”.
    5. When done recording, press FOOTSWITCH 3 again to end loop recording. The loop will
    continue to play and you can now play along with it or add overdubs.
    HINT: You can navigate presets at this point using the UP/DOWN footswitches or SELECT
    knob. This allows you to select different preset sounds that you can play along with the
    recorded loop or use for recording overdubs. Changing presets will not change the sound of
    the recorded loop.
    6. To add an overdub, press FOOTSWITCH 3 once. The LCD display will read “OVERDUBBING”.
    Play the overdubbed guitar part.
    7. Press FOOTSWITCH 3 once to end overdub recording. The loop will continue to play along
    with the newly recorded overdub. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to record additional overdubs.
    8. When done, press FOOTSWITCH 3 two times quickly to stop loop playback.
    9. With playback stopped, press and hold FOOTSWITCH 3 for 2 seconds to clear the recorded
    loop and prepare the RP to record a new loop. The LCD display will again read “LOOPER
    READY” and you can repeat the above steps.

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