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Newbie needing quick X edit info?

Hi, i have been searching the forums and Digitech site for about an hour but believe it is better to ask the forumites for an answer. I just bought a used GNX3 that didn't come with any of the utilities, like X eidt etc. Please direct me to the place that has these amenities, and something else about Supermodels etc. I know it must be mentioned here somewhere but probably way back when the forum was in its infancy.

Thanks for listening, hope you can assist me. Let's record and play some new music, yeah, psingman


  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    For a GNX3, you actually need GenEdit, not X-Edit. You also need some way to hook up the MIDI on GNX3 to your computer, for this to work.

    Supermodels is a third-party collections of customized (warped) amps, with preset examples of how to use them. You do need GenEdit to make use of this. I can't find my list of GNX3 presets in that particular package, but here's what's included for GNX3000 - pretty similar stuff:


    The link to their web site is in my signature - they've got great tutorial videos, too.
  • Supermodels for the GNX3 are great. I would reccomend them. I was leary about supermodels and how they compared to free patches, most are far superior. Genedit is available on the downloads section of the Digitech site. I would suggest the Creative Labs E-MU Xmidi Usb Midi interface. It works flawlessly with XP or Vista, and I would expect Mac as well.
  • H'lo, thanx for the replies. I guess I need Genedit, will look for it on the website. I know how to use midi and have midi cables with my Audiophile 2496, hope that is how this can be done. Keep the info streaming in, appreciate all of the assistance, psingman
  • Wow, no wonder I am having some snags. I have a GNX 3000 not a GNX3, so that is why I kept seeing Genedit. So, do you use X-edit 2.3 for a GNX 3000. I don't usually get too confused that much anymore with computer stuff, but I don't want to run into all the problems when I finally hook up my Digitech GNX 3000 to my STUDIO computer. Thanks for the replies, psingman
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