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Software considerations for running GNX4 and RP350 both?

I just purchased 1 new RP350, and 1 new GNX4, via great price deals, and I wanted to be able to record loops on the fly, and also use the 8 Track recorder to Jam over song ideas --when not wanting to take these ideas to PC recording for further development.

1) So I have the latest GNX4 software package, and the RP350 Cubase LE4, software packages both. 2) I am running Windows XP SP2 + updates if I need them, and a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 3800+, 1.024 gig memory, and 200 gig hard drive, 3) I have smart card media reading center on front of PC, which will read the CF card of the GNX4, and 2 USB 2.0 slots on front of PC as well as a 3rd USB 2.0 on front panel in smart card reader section ( and spare ones on back of PC. )

So when I launch each software package separately, they should configure the USB drivers, for their own needs. But is there anything I should know, including possibly having to reset driver assignment on each launch, or anything else like this I have not considered, once I install and start using the software, with each device?

And should I mark each USB port, and only plug each device into the port I used to set up the installation, because USB is supposed to be plug and play, and yet, will port assignments, to actual USB locations be assigned?

And are there other issues I may not have thought of yet, before I install, and start using the software?

I thought I might try 1st, to learn My way around the GNX4 CF card assignable folders, and upload and download saved files, of anything from the 80 factory preset, changes, to MP3 drum tracks, etc.., ---to experiment with song writing / tweaking, while not stuck in front of a PC, and use the PC for the final stages of song development, and recording.

I am interested in recording Metal songs, which may have a dynamic range from Pantera \"Cemetery Gates,\" to Metallica, to Amon Amarth, and beyond, as far as types of sound dynamics, I wish to record, etc..,

And so, in wanting to use both devices, and software packages for their particular device, are their issues in doing so, I need to know about, before I set anything up?

Thank You.



  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    Each unit should have a dedicated USB port for best operation. You can mark them if you choose, just be sure the drivers installed for each particular device are tagged to that port. If you mix them up, XP will prompt new hardware found since that device detected would not have it's proprietary driver being recognized. (it would act as if you just connected new hardware).

    When recording and using these units as the audio interface, you can only assign 1 interface for the recording DAW software. The only way to use multiples is to have an external interface with multiple audio input sources. These would be like the presonus firepod, etc. When using an external interface as described, the audio outputs of the GNX and/or RP would be routed to the input ports of that interface.

    I would install the Cubase LE for my DAW... :wink:

    Install each independent version of the editors.
  • -- 1) I Thank You for your reply, and the time in reading my posts to see my concerns. -- 2) I know windows can be tricky, and was worried some unforeseen thing, I was suspicious of, was true - in that windows would, as you say, not like it, if I did not plug the devices back into the same port I used to set them up. -- 3) I also don't like the way windows thinks it has to tell me a ‘device cable is unplugged,’ when I need to remove it from my computer, obviously for their usage away from the computer. -- 4) And I did not think I was double posting, but rather separating the separate questions of the same combined issue, in what I thought were their respective post-rooms, and am sorry for the confusion I caused in doing so. -- 5) I do intend, on being able to use the GNX4, and PC, hopefully, to exchange libraries of information, to and from the CF-Card, so while away from the PC, I may use CF files, as background, and preliminary trials, to Jam with, to help finalize two and three guitar parts Metal: I have always favored Multiple guitar parts in composition of Metal, and don't finalize writing songs, unless I see how combined parts work together. -- 6) I indeed want to utilize both the Rp350 and GNX4 to their full potential, as well as learning what both software packages can do for me as well. :)

    -- 7) So the one reason I separated the questions, of utilities / and recording, are my recording questions, about if I would be able to use my PC’s smart card reader center, to upload and download, sets of data on the CF-Card, into usable ‘Libraries’ for the DAW software, or should I perform all such exchanges via USB transfer. -- 8 ) I also want to know, about the creation of MP3 files, in the DAW software, or possible conversion into MP3 files by Microsoft / and ‘Legacy Software’ utilities I may have on PC --or in either software package, for downloading to the CF-Card, without necessarily having to buy more software yet again. --9) And I wanted to know about the exchange of ‘Loops’ between the DAW software, and shared ‘Acid Wave,’ and other possible file, and ‘clip’ file-extensions, and types, I may utilize back and forth between the two DAW packages, --10) As I want to learn as much about the DAW software packages, and what I can get out of them ---including the “HaLione One” plug-in software package which comes with the Cubase LE4
    Because it seems the RP350 DAW software is more powerful, and yet the GNX4 is more powerful for looping, and creating songs, <obviously>, when away from the computer!!!! :?

    So in the interests, of not making the same mistake about separating these questions again, into separate posts, I am hoping to have answered, any unforeseen things I need to know, about what exactly can I exchange, as file-formats between the two DAW software packages, and can I use my PC smart-card reader, with these software packages, or not?

    So I thank You again, for Your time, but need once again to ask You, how I need to set up, and expect all of the available software to cooperate, etc.., ---Because when I said to use them both at the same time, I had meant as far as what plug in, and other shared file types I may be able to use between them?

    Thank You. :D

  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    New DAW is Cubase LE. One for GNX is an old version of Sonar 2. Protracks is a Cakewalk product and can be as versatile as other daw entry packages provided certain vst wrappers are purchased. Cubase LE is a Steinberg product and they own the prop rights of VST, so incorporating into LE versions is culpable.

    Cakewalk ceased to commit to stripped down versions of any of their software in the form of giveaway utility and Abelton was not presented as any better of an option according to reps. In other instances of products, Digitech did not support a DAW \"extra\" and never had they ( Digi or the DAW vendor) provided any software DAW technical support other than a simple website faq and operation manual and limited to tech support where drivers were concerned. These entry programs are just that. They are provided as a means to sell and spark interest the vendors BIG DAW upgrades which are usually 20x more functional.

    CF card usage-

    You can use the CF card for direct on board recording of the GNX4. You can store 99 mp3's, 99 drum midi files and 99 songs. Length of files will cut into the recording time available on the 2 Gb max card. On an empty card, you can get over 6 hrs of tracking.

    You can only transfer MIDI, MP3's onto the CF folders if using a reader on the pc. To transfer presets, you must use the editor.

    You can use both pedals together providing the output of the RP350 is sent to the Line IN routing of the GNX4. YMMV on that of course.

    You cannot use both ports simultaneously to stream or record USB. The DAW will only see one interface at a time. Using an external multiple input interface would be required for best usage of both multieffects units. In that case you are sending audio from the multieffects to the inputs of the ext device and streaming the mix via the interface alone.

    You can swap wav files from most DAW packages, but most like to be consistent in DAW trafficing. Again, it is possible to do both for whatever reason but not always recommended. This also depends on the limitations of certain DAW packages in terms of available hardware limitations and specs. LE versions are not as \"equipped\" as are full version DAW applications. Cubase LE support however is pretty good since it supports dxi and vst as well as providing on board plugin features in its effects platforms. Again, LE versions are stripped down so don't expect the same results of Cubase 4 or 5 which far exceed the LE kit.

    If you like the Sonar layout, I and many others have recommended Sonar 7 XL which has a lot of extras packed in at a very respectable price point.

    If you are new to DAW, start with Cubase LE and work with it for a while. It is very powerful and as an entry level DAW is pretty darn good. Protracks is another decent utility but is older than Cub LE. Either kit has it's perks and quirks.

    As for the media cards and storage of digital audio file formats for DAW apps??? No, I don't recommend it. You should have a dedicated internal hard disk drive (extra) for storing audio media of these applications. Over a period of time, your basic HDD will get filled up fast ! Using an external USB or Media card can limit the DAW app seek time and cause all kinds of strange DAW behavior. Depending on your PC, YMMV..... To swap files back and forth or share wav files, ie importing from one DAW to another, I don't see a problem. Just don't try to run the DAW audio from an external drive or from a card reader.
  • Thanks again, I did however try to clarify, I meant simultaneously installed on the computer, to try them both out, and see what features I might like to play with, in each, incase certain types of loops and such are easier to work in one DAW as opposed to the other --and thus wanted to know about common file types, I might share between the two, but I had intended to clarify, I did not mean to record with both at the same instances ---as each makes dedicated usage of My internal sound card for it's sound card, even though sending and receiving the data to separate USB port locations ----it would not be possible to run both software packages at once.

    I want to learn the DAW process, as to what might be the most I can get out of both. And I meant I wanted to be able to remove the GNX4 from the PC environment, to write and audition loops, for the purpose of auditioning, what I might want to build as segments of songs, at various points within the songs ---and then record them possibly to the 8 track recorder, to further audition lead guitar parts, etc..,

    And then go back to the DAW software, with worked out song ideas to record.

    And I have not even brought up the issue, of trying an EMU-0404 sound card and software package for the DAW end of it, and the USB ports for the X-Editor Librarian editing parts, etc..,

    So I thank You again, as I wanted to know what would be compatible between the software I have, to experiment with. ....It might simply turn out each DAW might be easier to learn separate abilities from, if they each have some advantages of \"Ease of use,\" for certain things over the other.

    But I do apologize, for making it seem I wanted to record with both at the same time, when they would have to share the onboard sound card ---and thus never meant to imply I wanted to try it that way.

    Mike. :D
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    Cubase LE 4 or whatever Le version you have will trump many things in Pro Tracks. One difference however will be in using the drums maps and specific hands free operations when recording. Protracks is a Cakewalk product and the cwp files are proprietary, so in those instances you would likely have to revert. The advantages of Cubase is that it is a Steinberg product who is proprietary to VST designed plugins. IOW, I've rarely heard of any issues of Cubase users where VST plugins are concerned. That being said, many new versions of Cakewalk and other products are also great on both VST and DXi.

    Yes, you should be able to create tracks and import/export them to and from the GNX4 on board recorder/ CF card.
  • Thanks again for you help. I was beginning to not be sure if I should need to play with both versions, .....But as you said, I can fool around with hands free recording, and see if I like the advantages, of being able to use it when I want, etc..,

    There is nothing saying, I cant remove software, if I wind up in seeing no advantage to trying both out, etc..,

    Thank You again.

  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    It doesn't hurt to keep them on your sys :wink:

    Never know when you need something one may offer over the other
  • I recently purchased a Yamaha MOTIF XS keyboard and I only mention it because it also came bundled with Cubase AI4. The AI4 is the same as Cubase 4 but optimized for auotmating the MOTIF. I also have several VSTs. Cubase had no problem with the VSTs but setting up the keyboard drivers properly was a bit different... The main problem I had with Cubase was in the editing which frustrated me as a long time user of Cakewalk. Everything was difficult for me.

    I wound up purchasing Sonar Producer 8 and have enjoyed it ever since! Sonar has had no problem with the VSTs either. It represents or displays them differently. They run sort of outside of Sonar where they are embedded in Cubase. Its mostly a trade off of functionalities for me.

    At the risk of hijacking this thread, I wonder if Digitech could be persuaded to come out with a GNX VST?

  • I just purchased 1 new RP350, and 1 new GNX4, via great price deals, and I wanted to be able to record loops on the fly, and also use the 8 Track recorder to Jam over song ideas --when not wanting to take these ideas to PC recording for further development.
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