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power trouble...

i pulled my gnx3000 out of the closet the other day to get myself back into playing and i plugged it in to find out that the unit doesn't power on! does anyone have any experience with opening the top of the unit and/or checking the wires on the power input? i've already checked the power supply adapter and it works, but it doesn't provide the unit with power.

essentially, i need to open my unit and i want to know if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this problem i've got going on.



  • Last time you used it before sending it to the closet was it working?
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    Make sure the PSU is the correct one. Must be 9VAC (can't be DC) and provide 2.1 amps of current.

    If that is good, the jack socket could be bad. Also check for \"stuck down\" or gummed up buttons... make sure they depress like normal.
  • janusjanus Posts: 3
    hey guys,
    thanks for the quick replies. the psu is the psu that came with it. 9v 2.1a. i checked a gazillion times. ive tried it in as many outlets as i possibly can, it still wont power on. the buttons are all good too.

    before 'retiring' the unit, it worked just fine.

    lats night i took it over to a studio where my friend works [audio engineering], he spends a lot of time taking apart vintage equipment and fixing small things like that. we opened it up and couldnt find any reason why it wouldnt work. we used some canned air to remove the tiny amount of dust that had collected [practically none]. closed it up and tried to power it on again... still nothing.

    im convinced its the psu. im going to investigate purchasing another one. if its not that, then something must be wrong with the jack socket as guitar3456, you suggested. any thoughts on how i would go about replacing that if the psu isnt the problem?

    thanks dudes.
    jan, us.
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    Get a meter and check for 9VAC at the PSU connector to confirm you have the correct voltage present. If you don't, then you should replace the supply adapter unit. If you have the ability to try another PSU first, I would suggest that. Even if a local store or friend might have one, at least you know.

    The other thing I have seen is with the PS input jack. Either the connection tab breaks off (from bending or twisting the jack insert at some point), or the inner tab pin is loose or broken. Replacing the jack requires a PC mount type 2.1mm (thru hole) connector.
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