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Recording Help

After having this GNX4 for a while I though I would try recording to my PC using the Pro Tracks plus. Problem is Pro Tracks dosn't seem to see any incoming sounds. I can get sounds from the PC to my amp etc but it will not see my guitar at all.

Any tips?

Is there better free software I should use. I could careless about using the foot controls.

I am just recording me and the Bass to hand out to the members of the bad to pratice with. I don't need anything high end.



  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    Download Reaper.


    When you connect the GNX4 it just acts like any other USB interface. When in the DAW you assign the input and outputs of each track. Assign the GNX4 Digitech USB 1/2 as the input source for the track you wish to record.

    Before you can do any of that however you have to assign the Input and Output Drivers within the DAW program you use.

    Pro Tracks is now beyond \"dated\" but is usable.

    You can also record direct to compact flash in the GNX4. You can then copy those wav files for the song into any DAW for later edits.
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