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Trio+ -- any way to have Mixer output separate Bass and Drum tracks?

I've used my Digitech Trio+ most lately as a source providing initial Bass and Drum tracks into a DAW (Studio One Pro 4 or Logic Pro) and I'm wondering if anyone has a method or hack to split out (separate) the Bass and Drum output tracks via the "Mixer" 1/4" TRS jack, into (2) separate mono channels going into an audio interface (or mixer) connected via USB to a DAW. The Bass and Drums tracks are by default obviously combined now into a single track doing into the DAW, which defeats the purpose of applying any mix treatments (EQ, plug-ins, etc) in post. ideally, it would great to have a way to split these out into 2 separate mono tracks, to go into the DAW. My awkward work-around for now is to independently silence one (e.g. Bass), bring the other (Drums) it into a DAW track, recording it for a set period of time, rewind, then silence the (Drum) and bring the Bass into the DAW song for the same time duration, then edit of course to get the time-sync and endings perfect. But that is clumsy at best. Also, I'd LOVE to have a way within a Trio+ playback session into a DAW to have a way to real-time change "Style", to add a little more diversity especially for Drum tracks -- any ideas (or plans for firmware update??) would be welcome! TIA


  • There is no way to separate the band tracks for bass and drums no. Your workaround is actually the only recommended method! So at least you got that part figured out! :)

    No plans for a firmware update but I will of course pass a long your suggestions!

  • Thanks so much for the prompt response. I'll stay tuned!

  • @jglassy said:
    Thanks so much for the prompt response. I'll stay tuned!

    You're welcome!

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