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Hi, need for Digitech Jam man stereo libarian software Jamman XT Mac OSX

Hi, does anybody know, where/how I could download jammanager software for my Jam man stereo.
I need Mac OSX version. I know that It is discounted product,
but mine is in perfect working condition, and I need to transfer files into it.


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    HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Posts: 230
    edited May 2022

    @toomas Digitech has been acquired by Cortek (Cort Guitars). I would recommend reaching out to them for support.


    Jun Park, President of Cortek, said in a statement to Guitar.com: “Since 1973, DigiTech/DOD guitar effect pedals have been iconic in the guitar industry, and we have a deep admiration for the heritage and legacy of the DigiTech/DOD products [sic]. We look forward to continuing the manufacturing of and selling of the iconic products as well as investing in new features and products.”

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    lukuluku Posts: 2

    Found a download on the wayback machine. There's probably other dates with different versions but this one worked for me:


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    lukuluku Posts: 2

    You'll also need Microsoft Silverlight to run the above ^^. I was able to download it from here after carefully not clicking on wrong download bait links:


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    Thanks luku, im in the same boat, ive been using the jammanager software for years with my jamman stereo and now cant find a copy of it anywhere to put on my current computer. I sent an email to Cortek months ago and got no reply. I tried the above but my 2015mbp running Montery cant open the jammanager software from the link (i get this message: “JamManager.pkg” cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer) also it also says Silverlight is out of date. Is there anything else i could try? it dosent look like there is a more recent version of Silverlight on Appstore. Thanks to anyone that can help with this, i find it highly unethical that the new owners have not kept a software download page active when the looper is going strong and probably will for a long time yet...

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