ITECH12000 false Temperature reading issues

I have an Itech12000 and it started shutting down on high temperature. Thing is only one of the three readings is high, and the amplifier is not at all hot, but the fans are on full speed when this happens. I suspect that the temperature sensor is faulty. Anyone has an idea how to fix this? I live in Trinidad in the Caribbean, and it is very expensive to ship the amplifier to a crown dealer. I am an electronics technician, so I WOULD APPRECIATE IF ANYONE COULD GUIDE ME AS TO WHAT IS THE ISSUE AND/OR SEND ME THE SCHEMATIC CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS.

Thanks in advance guys!!!


  • HARMAN_PreetamHARMAN_Preetam Application Engineering Posts: 2

    Are you driving loads below 2 Ohms? If not, then,

    Update the firmware through either Audio Architect or Performance Manager Software and check again.

    If the above does not work, please look for and send it to a Harman Service Center.

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