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Importing SRX815 Passive Tuning into Performance Manager?

Is there a way to import a SRX815 passive tuning into Performance Manager?


  • Through Performance Manager you can only use Crown I-Tech HD Series Amps to Power Speakers and will have to download tunings of SRX800 Series for your specific model of I-T HD series Amp.

    After Downloading, first go to HiQnet Audio Architect software, and choose your Crown I-Tech Series Amp from the devices window.

    Drag your Amp into Main Workspace, double click on the Amp and go to :
    File>Open>Device File> (Open the downloaded tuning file : e.g : SRX800 SERIES PASSIVE IIR R1.I-Tech HD Series)

    After the file is opened, double click on the Amp again and go to Preset Manager and SAVE the individual preset for your particular SRX815 application, Main/ Monitor etc.

    Now, in Performance Manager>Add Speakers>Generic Speaker>New
    Speaker Builder>Speaker Type> Passive> Check box Your Amp> NEXT,

    Now In BAND 1 > select the preset file from the location where you had saved and open it,

    Next in the Bandpass section select LMH and name the Speaker SRX815,

    Drag the Speaker in the Design Workspace and Amplify Manually by dragging the Amp Channel to Speaker,

    In Set Speaker Presets, You'll See 'Preset Selected' on the Speaker.

    There you go!
  • PreetamPreetam Posts: 3
    The Hiqnet Audio Architect process can be completely bypassed and the Amplifier Settings can be accessed directly through Performance Manager
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