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What’s better: long analog runs to Crown DCIn amps, or short analog runs to BLU-BIB then BLU-link?

I setting up a 7.1-channel system with 7 channels of 7-series speakers powered by a DCI8|600n and four subwoofers (fed from 1 input channel) powered by a DCI4|1250n.

The surround sound processor is in the same room as the speakers, but the Crown amps are in a adjoining room due to fan noise. So long cables are required between SSP and amplification. My two options for getting input to the Crown amps are

1) Long (>25') 8-channel wall-rated analog snake from the SSP to the Crown amps' analog inputs. (Or, more likely, all 8 to the 8|600n and then a short BLU-link connection to the 4|1250n, but same basic idea).

2) Short (<3') analog runs from SSP to BSS BLU-BIB, two long (>25') wall-rated cat6 for the BLU-link daisy chain.

Should I expect any SNR or other sonic differences between the two scenarios? Ironically Option 1 is more expensive here, because a BLU-BIB is on hand but bulk wall-rated 8-channel snake is not.


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    KainKain Posts: 4

    Sorry, I don't have the answer to your question. However, I wanted to ask you how large is your room and how far will you be from the LCR speakers? Is this for a home theater or for mixing?

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    Room is about 14' W x 23'D x 10'H. seating is about 12' from speakers. Neither mixing nor HT. This system is primarily for enjoying music and to serve as a reference for loudspeaker reviews.

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    KainKain Posts: 4

    Thanks for the reply.

    If you don't get the answer to your question here, try asking on the AVS Forum in the following thread: https://www.avsforum.com/forum/89-speakers/1724906-jbl-705i-708i-7-series-master-reference-monitors-725g-728g-subwoofers-jan-2015-a.html

    There are some very knowledgeable people there.

    By the way, why did you select the 600 watt Crown amp over the 300 watt amp? For more output?

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    I got a good deal on the 8|600. No other reason. I would likely be fine with 10% the power.

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    If your Surround sound processor had Balanced outputs then you are good with the Analog snake option.
    If your Surround sound processor doesn't have Balanced outputs, then I would go with the BLU-BIB Option

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    jhaiderjhaider Posts: 6

    Thanks. SSP does indeed have balanced outs, so snake it will be.

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