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JBL SR4735A vs JBL TR225

friends of JBL PRO, I am writing to ask for your opinion about these two JBL speaker models.
I have the possibility to acquire 4 pieces TR225 or 4 pieces SR4735A. The main use that I will give to them, is for medium events with musical bands, I already have 8 subs ESW 1018, and the 4 JBL would use them up two per side, I wanted to know which of the two models would go better. I would use them with an electronic crossover. But I want to know which are more efficient that give me more SPL per watts. In other words, which of the two models can sound harder and work better for this use.
A friend tells me that the TR225 have a very small and fragile driver that gets damaged very easily. The idea is not to constantly change or repair the drivers. Another friend tells me that the SR4735A sound better than the TR225 but they are a very old and less efficient model that sound less strong than the TR225.

I would like to make the best decision, for which I would expect your opinions.

Very grateful in advance for your opinions.

From Venezuela
Jose Ortega


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    ShortzShortz Posts: 1
    The TR series is bottom of the pile. The SR A series will blow them away in performance and sound quality. The TR series uses the 2412 horn driver, which is notoriously known for failing. The 2312 is also one of the most awful sounding drivers in the lineup. SR series uses cast frame drivers, TR series uses pressed frame drivers.
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