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hello Am Tony, will there be major issues if i set up 4 x prx835 per side

I havve a six of these cabinets 6 in total I would like to use them at the back of a trailer for carnival which means they will be right next to each other . I am aware of overlapping issues. But will it be that noticeable.I mean will it sound that horrible?

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  • HARMAN_DanGHARMAN_DanG Posts: 2
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    Are you referring to the delay that would be noticeable as sounds travels different distances from different sources? If that's the case, you will have no issue as they are presumably within feet of each other. You'd only need to calculate for a delay if they were meters apart and typically if they were hitting the audience in front of them from different vertical distances. In your case you're just spanning horizontally out a few feet on each side of the stereo field. Should be no issues at all! Hope this helps.

    Dan G


  • According to the prx818 sub specs, the max spl is 134 and according to the spec from the vrx918 sub, the specs are max 130. . this should mean that the prx is louder right? but some youtube reviewer said that the specs dont mean anything and that the vrx is much louder . can you tell me if this is true? is the vrx with lower spl specs louder?

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