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EON615 vs. PRX815

I Currently have 2 EON615 two way speakers and a PRX818 sub-woofer. I was contemplating replacing EON615s with PRX815. The system is used for music and live band small venue parties and some outdoor parties. Is that a good move, or just leave the set up as is?

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    Nanorock4Nanorock4 Posts: 2
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    Based on specs, if you go with the PRX815 you will have the same app to control both speakers, giving you better overall control of them.
    EON615 specs Freq response 50-20, peak watts 1000, Max SPL 127, weight 39 lbs.
    PRX815 specs Freq response 58-17, peak watts 1500, Max SPL 137, weight 46 lbs. DBX limiter built in.
    PRX will give you more power and Db if you are pushing your EONs to keep up. You will also use the same speaker management tool for your sub and tops. The extra power and Db will also be better for the outside parties but that trade off would depend on how often you are outside where more is better. You can always turn down but when you hit max volume and clipping amps you can't turn up anymore.

    I just purchased 2 PRX835 and 2 PRX818 and they really perform well. I run sound for a few bands with the same drummer. 5 piece rock, 4 piece southern rock, and a 3 piece acoustic. The 835 are three way drivers but a biamped cabinet so the mids are much more clear then with a 2 way. Great for vocal clarity.

    I just purchased one of these wireless travel routers. I have it plugged into the back of my power supply so I can have my own private wifi network between my Ipad and my speakers everywhere I go.

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