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Best side surround match for my system

Might a pair of the 9300 , 9310 or even 8320's suffice to support the rest of my home theater system? If so the 8320 has size advantage. Would it be adequate? I have good JBL speakers and do not want to cheap out on the side surrounds.

Room is13.5 by 27 by 8 foot high. (Just a living room with tons of av equipment).
Home built JBL 4343 monitors in front right left(all jbl parts except cabinets and active crossovers)
Home builtJBL L-300s as rear speakers, again all jbl components (except cabinets)
Front center and two side surrounds using JBL LE 85 compression drivers with 2206H midbass drivers Also one 18 inch JBL sub in an 8 cu ft enclosure in rear of the room on a Crown XTI 1002 amp. It supplements my two SVS ultra subs which are high power and extend bass effects to 15 cps.

Current side surrounds (I used the general design of the JBL 3677 cabinet size with the 2206H and LE85 compression drivers on large horns are just too much (4 cu ft) for the room width (within 4 ft of the couch ends) and too heavy for high mounting on the walls easily.

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