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PRX835 with PRX818XLFW, Mono sub out or use wifi Eq

I just purchased (2) PRX835 and (2) PRX818XLFW. I am trying to decide what the best setup is. Should I run my eq on my board mains LR and mono subs or should I run full range LR out of my board to the subs with the tops patched into the sub out and use the wifi app to control the speakers?


  • Hi Nanorock,
    There are many ways to use subs depending on application. If you're mainly doing a DJ gig ( pre-recorded music) then i would just run LR out to the subs and then patch into the tops and use the App to control the speakers.
    If I were mixing a band then, I would run LR from my mixer to the PRX835 Tops and feed the Subs from a Group out or Aux Out( At fixed level only - not variable level). That way I can only send the signals that I require the Sub to reproduce ex: Bass Drum, floor toms, Backing Tracks etc. This helps keep out acoustic guitars, vocals etc from the Sub that would otherwise sound muddy or amplify the handling noise.
    You may Google "Aux fed Sub" to read more on this.

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