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I’m having trouble with Performance Manager and Crown I-tech 3500 presets

This was originally posted on ProSoundWeb, so forgive me if someone is working on it there already.

I’m setting up some modifications to the PA system at cat’s cradle in Carrboro, NC catscradle.com
We have (4) I-tech 4X3500 amps powering VTX V20s and G28s - each amp powers 2-3 tops and 1-2 subs. I guess this distributes power/current/heat across all 4 amps, rather that subs on their own amps - which would’ve made it easier to solve my issue. I have the original show file from the initial set-up. It’s currently being run as a full range system, but I want to allow the option to run the subs on aux instead.

I had no trouble hooking a laptop with Performance Manager to the amps with a network switch, receiving the current configuration and saving it as a new performance file. I modified the file with a new set of amp preset files that split the amp inputs so that the sub channels are discreet, and saved again as a new performance file. Loaded it to amps from performance manager, hooked up the lines and it worked - subs ran from separate channel that tops.

Then the trouble began.

I tried to show the head engineer how to load the full range presets via the amp control panel (so that he could switch from one to the other without having to rely on the laptop - because we haven’t run cat-5 from FOH yet to facilitate control) and it seemed to erase all presets - the amp displayed -40 dB levels on all four channels, which was the first indication that something had gone wrong. I checked performance manager - and all the amplifier preset information was gone (as I recall). So I loaded up the original performance file and sent it to the amps to get them back to the state they were before I made changes.

Help, please.

I plan to keep working with it, and can provide the Performance Manager file(s) if someone can figure out what I did wrong. All I want to be able to do is be able to have a “full range” and “subs on aux” preset on each amp, and be able to switch between either via amp panel directly and/or using performance manager.
Is this a firmware issue?
Should I use different software - audio/venue architect?
Surely there’s a simple ‘one click’ method of switching between full range and subs on aux that other venues use?
I also have other questions about our Harmon-JBL system, but can start a new thread if that’s more appropriate.

Will Huneycutt


  • Hi Will,
    Please attach the Performance manager file here and let me know version of Performance manager and the Amp Firmware you're using.
    While this is not a direct solution to the issue you have, here's a better option that will reduce the change required.
    Assuming you want to use subs on an Aux, you'd have at least 3 drive lines to the system - L, R, Sub and you'd have this connected to your console on either the Matrix Outs or Mix outs and an Aux.
    For use as a Full range System, It would be easier to reconfigure the console to send the same signal as LR to the Sub output port ( easily done on a mixing console by recalling a preset)

  • I’ll get those files and attach them for you - I don’t live nearby the venue, but will be working today and will get a copy. I talked to Craig Bess, who created the install performance manager file and I think he was able to figure out what the principle problem is. It appears performance manager wasn’t actually saving the preset amp files onto the amps themselves - he explained to me that it loads the settings that are within performance manager, but when performance manager is closed and we try to load a different preset directly from the amp, it wipes the memory.

    So tonight (we aren’t using the amps for the show - they’re bringing a Function one PA, don’t ask me why, but a good opportunity) we’ll load the amp files directly to the amps individually instead and see if this solves the problem. It would be nice to skip this step and be able to load the amp presets via performance manager, so if there’s a step I’m unaware of, I’d love to know it. I think Craig is looking into whether we should use a different software system like Audio Architect (?) that would integrate better.

    As far as using a matrix to switch between full range and subs on an aux - this would work for the house console (we have plenty of matrix options), but there may be situations where a touring console is configured for full range only and it would be nice to be able to (as simply as possible) switch between the two configurations - without having to pass them through our console (they hate that).


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    Hi Will,
    Understand. I didn't know this was a performance venue with visiting Engineers. Its always difficult that way.

    I have a step recording here of how you can save the performance manager data to presets on the Amp.
    I have showed an option for Subs on Aux. You can re create a similar preset on another preset number for Full Range.
    Note: you need to be Online with the Amplifiers to do this.

    Let me know if you need any other assistance.


  • So, I managed to load three of the amp device files created from the Performance Manager (V 1.9) venue file using a USB flash drive via the amps USB port. But one of the amps was being difficult - after cleaning the USB port multiple times, which worked for one of the other amps, and not having any luck, it just kept ‘disconnecting’ the drive - I loaded the amp device file with Audio (or System, can’t recall) Architect through the network switch connected to the amp - worked like a charm. Right now - everything seems solid.

    One remaining question - is there a method to import the old Performance Manager version 1.9 file into the other software (Performance Manager 2.9, Audio/System Architect, etc)?
    It has the design of the system and I don’t want to have to redo it since it’s correct and I may do something wrong, basically working from scratch (I do have the Amp device files, which is a big plus).

    Also - for some reason, the amp device files I created with the 2 presets (full range & aux subs) wipes out the default preset (as far as I can tell).


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