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PRX812w v. QSC k12.2

Two questions: (1) why is the prx812w suddenly on sale for $100 off. That often means it's not selling or an upgrade is around the corner, that I'll gladly wait to buy; (2) I can't find any reliable info that compares it to the QSC k12.2. I know this is a manufacturer's forum, so I'm not sure I can get an unbiased response, but I'd sure like one. I have seen some negative reviews of the 812w. The QSC is at a $150 price higher now that the 812w is on sale, but if the 812 is due for an upgrade that would explain it. I know the wattage of the QSC is @2000 and the 812w is @1500, but that wouldn't make a difference if the 812w box sounds better. (I have the QSC k10.2 now @2000w and I'm unhappy with it.)

Minor query: why do some retailers show the "w" after 812 and some don't? Are there different models, "w" and no "w"?

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