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JBL PRX 800 specs

Hello everyone I am new to the forums!
I have two PRX 815Ws and two PRX 818XFLs.
I can not find the amp draw on any documents or anywhere online. I was wondering if anyone has tested the draw no more than 75% load? Does anyone have the specs for the amp draw??
Also would it be recommended to use a 15a outlet for no more than 2 speakers? I’m trying to get away with a generator that has 4 15a 120v outlets total and I have a mixer/laptop/lights as well. I’m going to power everything else off a different circuit most likely to play it safe. Using a Predator 3500 watt inverter.


  • I run 6 PRX's and 2 EON's off 1 Furman rack mount power conditioner with no issues! Class D amps are amazing! Been doing this over a year now w/o any issues.

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