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PRX 712 and PRX 715xlf usage

I am currently using the PRX 715XLF and PRX 712 cabinets in the following manner. The left and right outputs from my mixer each go into the input of a 715xlf cabinet. I then use the THRU connection to connect to the PRX712. I typically use the high pass setting which gives me the 120 Hz crossover point. If I switch to the full range setting, does that change the crossover point to 100 Hz. That is the way I interpret the specs from the JBL website show here:

Internal Crossover Frequency 100 Hz DSP controlled 48 dB filter slope
Loop out Crossover Frequency 120 Hz analog 24 dB filter slope

Also, if I want to daisy chain two of these subs together, do I connect the THRU connector to the input of the second cabinet? If so, should the high-pass switch be set to full range?

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