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Mic question re JBL EON610

Hi all,
I have just purchased the JBL EON610 as an alternative to using my JBL EON206P. I entertain in care homes using a mic and MP3 backing tracks on a tablet. On trying it out for the first time I find that the tracks play through perfectly but I don't know how to get a little reverb on the mic. Between songs when just speaking I don't need reverb. I thought about a foot switch but don't know how to plug it in! Any pointers welcome, thanks in anticipation! Bev

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  • PunitPunit Posts: 1
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    Hello Bevrooker,

    Unlike EON206P, EON610 doesn't have inbuilt Reverb effects. If you wanna add the reverb to your vocals you can add it using external effects processor or using a small audio console like Soundcraft Notepad-FX version.


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