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jbl srx 815 powered

Hi everyone, i recently felt that the highs were not clear enough and removed one of the horn and measured it. is rated at 8 ohm and it reads 5 ohm is that normal. thank you.


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    ClemensNClemensN Posts: 3

    Yes it is. What you read with an ohm-meter is resistance, the speaker rating is impedance. Impedance is the given reactance at a given frequency. -Clem

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    brahim22brahim22 Posts: 10

    It's not unusual for a speaker's impedance to deviate slightly from its specified rating. Here's why you might see a 5 ohm reading on an 8 ohm horn:

    • Impedance is not always constant: A speaker's impedance can vary depending on frequency. So, the reading you got at 5 ohms might be accurate for a specific frequency range you measured at.
    • Tolerance: Speaker manufacturers often specify impedance with a tolerance, like +/- 10%. This means an 8 ohm speaker could realistically measure anywhere between 7.2 ohms and 8.8 ohms.
    • Measurement accuracy: The accuracy of your measuring device can also play a role. Double-check your meter's specifications to see its margin for error.

    A 3 ohm difference (from 8 ohm to 5 ohm) is a bit higher than the typical tolerance range. However, considering the factors mentioned above, it might not necessarily be a cause for concern.

    Here's what you can do:

    • Re-measure the impedance: Try measuring the horn at different frequencies to see if the impedance fluctuates significantly.
    • Measure the other horn: Compare the impedance of the horn you removed with the one still installed. A larger difference between them might indicate a bigger issue.
    • Consult the speaker manual (if available): The manual might specify the expected impedance range for the horn at different frequencies.

    If you're still concerned about the 5 ohm reading, especially if it coincides with a noticeable drop in highs, consider consulting a speaker repair professional. They can diagnose any potential problems with the horn itself. Must visit Cava Kids Meal Menu

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