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My SOVEREIGN C60 Speakers

Hello to all! New to this Forum...and now the new owner of a pair of C60 Sovereign's. These belonged to my late father-in-law, who was the original owner and took meticulous care of them. They haven't been used in many many years, and I still have them heavily wrapped awaiting introduction into my Family Room. I have other JBL's, including a pair of L100's from him from over 30 years ago.(These still sound brand new). But I digress... The Sovereign's are from the 1970's and have what I feel is a pretty low number, one cabinet number being 10774. Is there any way to nail down how early in the production year they are?? Also...is there any way to upload photos from my Desktop as opposed to needing a URL to do so? Thank you in advance for any info! B)


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    Just checked, after hooking them up, and I have sequential Serial numbers...10733 and 10734. Cool...

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