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Hi, I bought a JBL EON610 powered speaker yesterday.
I've perused the manual, but I have two questions.

Please tell me the latency caused by built-in DSP.
I intended to use this speaker for a monitor, but I learned today that the DSP seems to have a little larency.
Depending on the amount of latency, I will use this speaker for another purpose.

To operate the DSP EQ with bluetooth,
I need to press the SYNC button on the back of the speaker every time after power on.
But, in my room, the back of the speaker is not easily accessible due to the arrangement of furniture and equipment.

So I plan to keep the SYNC button depressed with guitar pick or something.
By doing this, I can operate the DSP with bluetooth without touching the SYNC button.
Is there any danger if the SYNC button is kept pressed? Is there a risk of breakdown?

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