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Does Eon One Compact "remember" settings?

Each channel's gain, EQ and reverb are set in Channel Select mode. Then you switch to Mix Mode to perform. Once I finish performing and turn off the power, will the unit remember my individual channel settings or will I need to reset them every time I use the unit? Thanks.


  • Once you have your settings the way the way you like them, before turning off your speaker use the the JBL Connect app and navigate to "Snapshots" (a snapshot is a scene that you would find on larger digital mixers) and save your settings to a Snapshot button which will save all of your settings, then you can power off your speaker without losing your settings. Once you use the speaker again use the JBL Connect app and go back to the Snapshot area so that you can recall the Snapshot (scene) that you saved and all of your settings will appear on your speaker. Good luck!

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