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LSR6312P Inputs

Do the L/R inputs on the LSR6312P subwoofer accept a powered connection from an amplifiers outputs? I am installing a LSR6332 and LSR6312P per side in a stereo setup. Plan to run biwired cables to the LSR6312P and then on to the LSR6332. Does this work???


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    scytechscytech Posts: 148

    I don't think powered outputs should be used as input connections (to any electrical equipment!), you would fry, in this case, the sub's inputs!
    By biwired, do you mean like in bi-amping, where you have two cables, one that contains the lf information and one that carries the hf information and connecting to a network of amp-speaker, for lf and hf reproduction?
    In this case the lf info would go to the 6312 and the hf to the 6332. Your system makes sense.
    Note that the 6312 contains circuits to filter lf information. It may not be necessary to use a crossover in this case, However, using a crossover will be more precise.

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