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EON One Compact Firmware Update Failure.

Good afternoon.
I have downloaded the appropriate app for android, and it refuses to update the firmware. It states that there is an update from the current version (5.08). The app then downloads the firmware, then states that the unit will disconnect and reconnect during the firmware upgrade.
However, the firmware upgrade never takes place. The app freezes during the "Firmware upload" process. And stays at 0% progress.
I have ensured that all proper services (bluetooth, location, etc) are all working and enabled. After one of the many failed firmware upgrade attempts, I hard reset the unit by holding down the "Phantom" and "ducking" buttons on the unit as was suggested in an online support forum, and attempted the process again.. Once again, freezing and refusing to update.
I have attempted this with 2 phones.
An LG G7 Thinq
and an LG G5.
Both phones exhibit the same behavior with the app.
Any advice/input/assistance would be appreciated.
Thank you


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    Nick_ZefishNick_Zefish Posts: 1
    edited September 2020

    Same problem here.
    Tried with a Moto E5 and a Google Nexus 5, none worked.
    Performed both software and hardware reset, no more luck.

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    Have you tried uninstall/reinstall of app?

    Try this after uninstall/reinstall.

    Hold Ducking+Mic Line for 5s. The unit will reset. Hold ducking+Phantom for 5s. All LEDs will flash. Attempt to reconnect. Ensure you have all necessary permissions.

    If you can't get through for that, please reach out to our tech support team.

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    KareKare Posts: 6

    I can not update mine. is only informed that the file does not exist on the server.

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    Dobrý deň, po úspešnej aktualizacii frimweru 5.1.5 sa zmenil zvukový výstup equalizera. Zvuk je iný a pred aktualizáciou bol lepší. Ak by som sa chcel vrátiť speť na predošlí frimwér kde zvuk equalizera mi vyhovoval viac, akým spôsobom by sa to dalo ? Dá sa to vôbec ? Ďakujem
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    thethe Posts: 4

    It the same problem here ..It try to update then it say conection failed ...Try many time and it the same..Just bought it new from sweetwater today...06/11/2021

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    thethe Posts: 4

    Finally i got latest updated firmware 5.1.5 but the app link and work for abut 20 seconds then it just kick out and i have to link it again and keep doing that over and over..My phone is LG V20...Any help..?..

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