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JBL Bar 5.1 wireless rear speakers keep turning off

I have a JBL 5.1 sound bar with wireless rear speakers. The rear speakers keep turning off, usually after TV and the probably main bar have gone into power save mode. I would like these to remain on or at least turn back on when the main bar comes back online. Right now, I have to manually power them on for each use which is annoying. Any suggestions on how to prevent the rear speakers from turning off or enable them to turn on automatically when main bar comes on?

Main bar connected to AC power & TV via HDMI ARC
Rear speakers wireless but powered via micro usb

Issue reproduction steps:
1. Turn on TV, main bar powers up automatically.
2. Manually turn on rear wireless speakers using power button. LED light indicates power on status.
3. Turn off TV (via remote).
4. Wait a while
5. Power on TV, main bar powers up automatically but rear speakers are off.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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