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VRX932-LA , new D16R2407J will not fit into Magnet.

Hello everybody,

I have a questions on a brand new OEM diagram.(D16R2407J) VRX 932 LA

The old diaphragm is made in the USA and has the orange sticker and the new diaphragm is made in Mexico and black sticker. That can be fine,

however they look the same but the new D16R2407J will not fit correct in to the magnet, the black round
inner cone (not the tip) seems get stuck in the magnet.

if i put the default orange (USA) 2407J back in the magnet , its an easy, freely and perfect fit.

i also ask the supplier on the issue but he guaranty its an original OEM JBL part for this speaker.

I don't want to damage the new part to push it deep inside , i also believe it will not work
freely because its stuck then.

please , all information is welcome.

i have pictures and a video on the issue if we go deeper in the material.

with kind regards,


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