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EON Compact Power Button problem

Power button stop working, looks like the issue is known, and it is basically not possible to repair, looks like factory problem, happened in a diferent devices so not a particular one!


  • I am having the same issue with the power button, after having this unit for only a week, the power button does not appear to be working. The first few days, it did appear to work, although it needed to be held down a long period of time. Can tech support please clarify whether this is a known defect, or is there a fix for this?

  • Can you describe how it has stopped working? The standard power button operation is a 2s hold (the BT LED will flash) and then the PCB will fire on. We designed this deliberately, as the battery is always connected and we wanted to avoid inadvertent power ons.

    If you can more thoroughly describe your issue, I can help figure it out.

  • I have the same problem. I hardly used it and there is not tactile click in the power button. I used to be able to turn it off, but now it won't unless I take out the battery.

  • I can't turn it on now.

  • I have got the same issue with my EOn one compact
  • Hello,

    This issue is covered by warranty. Please reach out to [email protected]

  • Joel_3Joel_3 Posts: 1

    Same issue, EON One power button recessed into the case and can't be pressed. I have emailed JBL/Harman in Australia. Seems like a poor design - the 3 second delay with on/off and the button type. Power button is also difficult to see if it's turned on or off when used during the day outdoors as well.

  • @Joel_3 The power button design of elongated press is by design so you don't unintentionally turn on your unit while on battery and drain your power. If you've pressed in your power button entirely, I'd recommend contacting your local warranty department as that's a covered problem

  • Ok esta muy bien
  • starsstars Posts: 4

    The power button on my Eon compact longer working can it be repaired or replaced? Please let me know what to do about this as this is supposed to be a quality machine?

  • The power button on my Eon Compact got stuck when I pressed it. I managed to get it to release and work again, but I'm worried it might happen again.

  • The power button issue is covered by warranty. Please contact your JBL pro service center to address.

  • I just got my Eon Compact a couple of days ago. I read it is supposed to be a two-second delay before turning on. Mine has a consistent ten-second delay before it powers on. I think I am going to return it. Between the firmware fails, the lame-ass app that doesn't work, and this issue I may be done with buying JBL products ever again. What happened to this company? It's a shame.

  • It's a 2s hold to power on Entire PCBA takes about 8 seconds to fire on completely (all LEDs lit). With the firmware side, have you forgotten your speaker from your device list and tried again? Call our tech support line and we can help walk you through it.

  • Hi my JBL eon one compact won’t turn on the button has recessed a little. I understand that this is a common fault and is covered by warranty but mine has expired. Does anyone know how to actually fix this problem at all? It actually turned on the other day after plugging in the power lead but it has since turned itself off and just won’t power up. Please help…
  • If you remove the mixer panel (it's a torx screw, be very careful when removing from chassis), you'll be able to see and correct where the power button switches in. If you want to email me @ [email protected] and provide shipping information, I'll check if I have a spare part I can send you. I might also be able to get you a warranty repair.

  • Will do thanks 🙏
  • Please help... Power button stop working
  • JBL Professional EON ONE Compact I can’t turn one my JBL Professional EON ONE Compact cuz the power button breaking
  • starsstars Posts: 4
    The Mickey mouse power button on the eon one compact broke so I binned it and made my own which is 10 time better than the original.
  • EONBanjoEONBanjo Posts: 1

    What are the specifications for the button you substituted. I would like to try this. Did you completely reomove the board or leave it connected?

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