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JBL eon one COMPACT: transmitting bluetooth audio from a mixer to the receiver of jbl compact

EmilEmil Posts: 3

Hi all, (I write in english using google translate).
I have two questions to ask the experts regarding the bluetooth connection of two jbl one compact.

  • the first question: is it possible to transmit the audio line output of a mixer using a stereo bluetooth transmitter and pair the transmitter with the built-in bluetooth receiver of the jbl compact?
    if the answer is positive here is the other question:

  • the second question: which valid bluetooth transmitter could I buy?
    Thank you for any help


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    HI Emil,

    The BT transmission capability is limited to the BT Audio engine only. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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    I recently purchased the JBL one compact. I can’t seem to save the reverb. It takes a factory reset every time. Help!
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    EmilEmil Posts: 3

    I have two Eon one compact connected stereo. When playing via bluethoot after some time the host speaker goes to sleep and is heard only from the remote speaker.The speakers are updated. I tried to factory reset both speakers but the problem persists.

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