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EON One Compact Pass Thru for Larger Main

I am curious if I can connect a larger power main speaker to the pass thru output from the Compact? I cannot find any definition of this output other that to connect to other Compact units. I want to connect to a Yamaha DRX 10 for larger events. I cannot find if the output will have affects applied to it via the Compact host unit. Is this the same as line out after mixing and effects?


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    Cuki79Cuki79 Posts: 2

    It's TRS line level out. So I'd say yes you can connect to a larger main speaker as long as it is a powered speaker (not passive).

    Note that the signal is post Master level. So when you change the Master level, the thru is affected (at least on mine)

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    SurangaSuranga Posts: 2

    Hi! I recently bought JBL Eon one compact and it's really impressive. I need to record my singing while playing the one compact speaker.

    I used headphone output with a 3.5mm jack cable and recorded some audio using my laptop(by connecting to the laptop line in). but the problem is when I connect the 3.5mm jack to the headphone out the sound output of the eon one compact speaker is turned off. I tried this with Pass true out also. but that method didn't work(audio output did not come out to the laptop).

    So please help me regarding this issue, or please suggest any other method(by Bluetooth broadcast or any) to do audio recordings while playing the eon one compact speaker.

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