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JBL eon one compact requests for future firmware update

Hi everyone, I suggest that we use this thread to send our wishes for future firmware updates of the JBL eon one compact:

Here are mine
1) Extra "digital gain" button on every channel on the app.

2) Possibility to control the Thru out pres Master volume fader. And also choose to have either TRS balanced or stereo line out.


Right now the headphones cut the speaker out so you can not use it for in-ear monitoring...
And the thru out is post Master volume so it is not super easy to use it as an in-ear source... Also it is mono TRS (which is cool for front of the house of course) but if you could choose it to be stereo pre Master it would be cool to (but might become confusing also for some users)

3) vertical display for phones (android)


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    Thanks. I've noted these features for potential future release.

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    Three suggestions from me:
    1, Improve the way bluetooth behaves with paired speakers streaming -getting rid of the glitches.
    2, Have the option to turn off the annoying loud blip alert when the speakers are struggling to connect to bluetooth
    3, Have the option to see a power save interval and the option that the speakers stay on all the time so that they don't stop charging items plugged into the usb ports.

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    Une connexion bluetooth stable😬
    Ce serait déjà un grand pas😭
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