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PRX815's and the onboard eq with JBL PRX Connect

miekmiek Posts: 1
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I'm brand new and I'm hoping to get some help here with the above setup. In my studio, I setup 2 PRX815 speakers. In an effort to conserve space in the room I thought I'd just use the PRX Connect app with the on board Eq. At the moment all I really need is nice, loud, clear canned music to practice drums with. After setting up the system, I was surprised that the on board eq was nothing more than an 8 band mono parametric eq. I gotta say the sound is lackluster. The vocals seem slightly buried and it sounds like a very slight reverb in the mix, even though I have no effects on the canned music channel. I've tried dialing this in by ear and even with my DOD SA-RTA, which never lets me down, I can't seam to get it right to my ear.

When I set this up in clubs, I use these in conjunction with my PRX 818 XFL subs, a dbx 1231 stereo eq and an Ashly crossover and it sounds like a million bucks. Is it just that? The on board stuff is not intended for that type of eqing? I mean I could see how this 8 band parametric might be just right for the monitor mode on a single speaker, but I'm not impressed using it in Main mode with 2 speakers.

I bought the subs almost a year before I bought the mains and I do remember that I was able to use the parametric eq on those to notch 80hz which seemed to make them sound much better with the overall eqing. Is that the intended purpose of the parametric eq?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


  • I also would like to know if it is nice to inprove 80hz on Sub PRX818XLF from PRX Connect app, but I think this sub has not timbre to high bass frequencies, due to material density and quality.
    I bought a sub PRX818XLF to play bass with my pair of 10 inch speakers I would like to know if this sub is a good match to my speakers, please.
    Specs: 129db each, 10 inch with tweeter 1.4 inch. Freq. response -10db: 55hz to 20kHz.
  • Mid fidelity is best with 8 inch speaker.
    Mid fidelity is good with 10 inch speaker.
    Here we have good voice fidelity.
    With 12 and 15, we have more bass but loss of voice fidelity.
    That's why I have 10 inch speakers.
    But I'm not sure if PRX818XLF is a match to my speakers.
    Sometimes I think I should have a system like this:
    2x8 inch speaker for mid fidelity.
    2x12 inch subwoofer: bass.
    1x18 or 2x18 inch subwoofer: subbass.
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