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JBL Partybox 300 wont update firmware

my jbl partybox 300 won't update. I have 341219 before, I tried to update it to 381221 but instead it should have a highier version it went back to 151110. I suspect the usb drive but I tried several usb drive it still wont update. Until now its at version 151110. Yes i reformated my usb to fat32 only the Harman_G15.HUI file that is inside my usb drive still failure. I even tried the Harman_G1.HUI and it has same result . It stays at 151110 version. Is there any special USB drive needed .... Please help.


  • arturxarturx Posts: 2

    the same is happening to me, i did exactly what you did.

    JBL Partybox 300 Brazil

  • arturxarturx Posts: 2

    Update: After trying with 3 pendrivers, it only worked with the Sony 8GB pendrive.

  • gmatgmat Posts: 3

    what's more infuriating is Harmans disregard for the end user......


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