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Mid-freq Differential Drivers; a single 12" or 2x10" per L+R side?

NspaceNspace Posts: 1
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Have long being attracted to the benefits of Differential Drivers, low temperature, less inductance, 2x thermal dissipation surface, less distortion. it simply comes as a superior driver design, at least for Mid and Low frequencies, where piston speakers shine.

So I am redesigning the MIDs section of my multi-amplified sound system. Firstly, I was fixated on a later model of 12" differential Driver, the JBL 262F component.
Alternatively the JBL 261F with 10" (2 Ohms), with 2 units connected in serial, will offer 4 Ohms to the amp.

My main condition is that I already have excellent bullet tweeters for the High-Frequency section... which require from the MiD drivers to go as high to a crossover point of 3.5 kHz, no less.

A single 12" size driver for each stereo side (L+R) would be simpler than implementing two 10" divers per side (L+R).
However I am not sure that a 12" driver may reach healthy sound as high as 3.500 Hz
Theoretically 10" drivers would have a better chance to reach into higher frequencies, than 12" ones, but I have yet to find information that these are capable of achieving such mid-hi frequencies (more so if helped with Subs, by setting a rather high SUB-LOW xover point 120 Hz or so).

//However, I have -so far- being unable to locate specific information, Specification Sheets, Thiele and Small data about any of both; JBL 261F 10" or 262F 12" Differential Drive models, or other similar DDs in case they do exist.
Could someone find the specification files/link to these components.

I'll appreciate.
Thanks to JBL and Harman.

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