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I have two Eon one compact connected stereo. When playing via bluethoot after some time the host speaker goes to sleep and is heard only from the remote speaker.The speakers are updated. I tried to factory reset both speakers but the problem persists.


  • Please check for the latest version of the firmware which is 5.1.4 and try to see if this is resolved.

  • KareKare Posts: 6

    When I try BT broadcast, the HOST speaker disappears from the app

  • Same problem here. I have the latest firmware by the way. I have sennheiser wireless XWD transmitters and receivers. They have more limited battery life than the eon one compacts so I thought I could keep the receivers charging off the eon compacts USB. However it seems when my back is turned and I am not playing the digital piano through them, the eon one's power down and stop charging through the usb ports.

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