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Yamaha HS7 and JBL 3LSR310s Settings and Positioning

So I purchased this subwoofer because it was on sale, I planned on getting the Yamaha subwoofer, but this caught my eye.

  1. There is a setting on the back where I changed the dBu to -10 or +4. The manual says if you have the JBL monitors to put in -10. I have HS7s and it says the optimal setting is +4. I have tried the -10 setting on the subwoofer and matching it with by changing the HS7 to -10. This makes every thing coming out of the monitor considerably louder, but the low end seems to fade off.

Can anyone explain what this is for and what setting is best for home studio? (Focusrite 8i6 interface)

  1. Speaker placement. I had the subwoofer under my desk, and I had to retrieve something from under desk. I notice that the bass was hitting a lot harder, it because it bouncing sound under the desk? Where I have it now (in the photo) is close to a wall in the corner, and the bass hits a lot harder, but I'm pretty sure that is because of location in the corner, close to wall.

I am going to put it back under the desk, closer to the left speaker, as JBL recommends putting it between the monitors, to one sided. I feel it's somewhat normal (under the desk) as far as accurate bass, but I still have a little doubt. Does a sub under a desk eliminate more wave?

Thank you.

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